A BIM Manifesto.

Risking that it may be too cliche for today’s standards and political correctness, I have to recognize I was due to declare my views on Digital Design Technologies / BIM and Architecture.

I’m not saying you have to agree to all of it or most of it. I don’t even know if in the future I would have to come back and review it. But for what I know as per today, this is what I think. 

So without more preamble, here it is, my BIM Manifesto:

The background of this.

I was recently re-visiting the book BIM in Small-Scale Sustainable Design by Francois Levy,  when I stumble upon a chapter named  “BIM for the rest of us”, and that triggered a sequences of thoughts that eventually took the shape of this Manifesto. 

The phrase BIM for the rest of us, expresses unintentionally one of my long standing beliefs: Building Digital Design without having ties to an exclusive software brand or file format; some sort of BIM by all means instead of BIM by prescription.

I may not be alone in this experience: not every project has every discipline modeled, not everyone is using the same software as you are, and not everyone is working live in a “cloud hosted multi disciplinary model”. Then what? Should we “throw the baby out with the bathwater”? I think not. I think we can still create quantifiable value by using different platforms and collaborating within the spirit of a Integrated Design.

It may not be perfect, and not even complete. But it is how I see it at this time: Nov 2018.

If you have any comments, please let me know on the comment area below, I really want know your opinions on it.