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Nando Mogollon

Hi my name is Nando Mogollon and this is my Blog, here I share complimentary and non requested advice on BIM, Digital Design Technologies, based on my own personal views, bias and some examination of the available information and facts available.

I’m also obliged to inform you that I’m active employee of Central Innovation in Sydney Australia. The views expressed here are my own and in no way or manner representative of the views of my employer.

Also be  aware that anything you read on this site is not a substitute for professional advice. Following my casual advice is at your own risk.

My short story

I’ve lived and worked as an architect in a handful of cities, countries and continents: Sydney (AUS), Vancouver (CAN), Shanghai (CHI), Edmonton (CAN), Durban (ZAF), Bogota (COL). Also ended up working for projects in Ahmedabad (IND), and Port of Spain (TTO).

I’m originally from Corozal, a small town in the Caribbean north side of Colombia, in South America. if you want to see where that is…..

I studied Architecture from 1997 to 2002 when I graduated. Since then, I’ve experienced this world from various roles: Junior designer, Site Architect, Project Manager, Project Designer, Project Architect, BIM Coordinator and BIM Manager. Three (3) things has been consistent. I always end up:

  • Designing
  • Managing
  • Presenting
  • Improving Digital Design Capabilities

I enjoy Technology and Management as much as I enjoy Architectural Design. (I can easily loose myself hand-sketching ideas)

I Started this blog in December 2013, wrote a handful of posts and then as I moved countries, neglected it for 4 years. I’m now taking int back!. So here I look to explore and share my thoughts about the Design technologies that are changing the way we architects get things done.

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Thanks for reading