Drawings Transmittal Document – the Australian way – a Test

To do this you will need three (3) things:

  • An ARCHICAD Project Index – called Transmittal DATA for EXCEL(Click here)
  • An MS EXCEL file to produce the Transmittal Document – called AEL Transmittal 20(Click here)
  • An ARCHICAD project that contains a revision history

To create a Transmittal the first time you need to follow a process that goes like this:

  1. Import the xml Project Index file into your ARCHICAD Project file
  2. Save the “Transmittal DATA for EXCEL” project index as an EXCEL file (*.XLSX)
  3. Open the recently created EXCEL file, Copy the data
  4. Open the “AEL Transmittal 20” file in EXCEL, – activate Macros if requested
  5. Paste the data into the first tab called “Paste from ARCHICAD Index”
  6. Move to the second tab, review and copy the data you need
  7. Paste into the third tab for printing

For consecutive issues, you don’t need to import the xml file again, so follow just steps 2 to 7.

A couple of notes:

  • When creating the data for export from ARCHICAD, make sure you exclude the first or baseline revision. Do this by using the criteria in the “Index Settings”
  • The provided EXCEL file contains Macros, so please ensure you activate them before doing anything else. You will find instructions in the file.
  •  Make sure you don’t modify the format or formulas of the EXCEL file – this may make produce errors.
  • The Formulas in Excel assumes the pasted DATES are in the following format: YY/MM/DD, [time doesn’t really matter much]. Any other date format will not work well.  To fix this issue, please ensure that before exporting the DATA from ARCHICAD, you change the Short Date Format in your operating system (windows or macs) to match YY/MM/DD