KUBUS BCF Manager 1.2 for ArchiCAD and Revit

KUBUS, the Dutch BIM Specialist company founded by Erik Pijnenburg, is a key player in one the most interesting front lines of the BIM game: the development of a BCF Manager that helps bridging differences between BIM applications.

The BCF file format as far as I understand and I am not an IT specialist, is a OpenBIM format (*.bcfzip) that works on top of IFC, but adds the missing human factor: communication.

By adding a list of Comments that include snapshots of the model, you can easily keep track of the history of a particular design problem ( Mark Ups). This list of revisions or mark ups, can be saved in “*.bcfzip” format and sent to the counterpart ( Consultant, Engineer, Project Manager) and can be seen in a different BIM application – Tekla BIMSight, Solibri, ArchiCAD or Revit.


As they describe it, “The BIM Collaboration Format (BCF) plug-ins for Revit and ArchiCAD provide an efficient collaboration workflow for BIM. This approach enables you to easily locate issues and assign them to team members to be solved. Communicate issues between people working with the same BIM authoring tools (like Revit or ArchiCAD) or from model checking software (like Solibri or BIMsight) to the BIM authoring software. Review solutions, follow mark-ups, or provide feedback”

Here are some of the new features of their latest release 1.2:

  • Find issues related to selected object(s) or with the ‘text-search’
  • Edit snapshots, upload snapshots, photo
  • Link documents or urls to an issue
  • During creating viewpoints choose to link the visible, selected or no objects (i.e. to show the whole model)
  • Overrule ArchiCAD view settings to shaded, hidden line, wireframe, etc.
  • Overrule Revit view settings with the view-templates
  • Improved userinterface: more info available, ‘New-file’ button, hide closed issues
  • Stand-alone version for editing BCF files, for example for a project manager
  • Several small improvements and bugs fixed

Finde more n KUBUS’s website: www.kubus.com

I will try to get to test it across platforms pretty soon, so stay tuned.