Reinventing Project Delivery

Architectural, Engineering and Construction firms in Vancouver. The focus of this forum was Integrated Project Delivery, Integrated Designand BIM.  The sessions were very interesting. It covered a wide range of topics from the very technical from the hands of Rajesh Acharya BIM Collaboration Specialist from Summit to design, construction and even social aspects of Design Integration and BIM.

Course Leaders

  • Charles Leman. Bing Thom Architects
  • Owen Pawson. Miller Thomson LLP
  • Co-Lecturers
  • Rajesh Acharya. Summit Technologies
  • Scott Chatterton. CEI Architecture (@RevitJedi)
  • Steve Fleck. Stantec
  • Rodrigo Freig. WSP Canada Inc
  • Jonathan Huggett. JR Hugget Company
  • Graham Hyde. Lockerbie & Hole
  • Scott Matheson. PCL Construction Management Inc
  • Nando Mogollon. Dialog
  • Allan Partridge. Group2 Architecture Interior Design Ltd




The focus of the entire course was Collaboration and how we are going to change the way we deliver design and build in the near future. Something that stood with me was the fact that the BIM movement is definitely gaining momentum as a game changer in the local sphere.

A few of the construction professionals that I spoke to, admitted that changing the way we deliver and the way we work is still challenging, there is still a gap in the way our business is perceived by different generations, and a lot of terrain to be gained to be fully integrated.

I think the whole content of the conference helped getting closer to these complex issues by including topics like

  • Principles of Collaborative Project Delivery.
  • Building an Integrated Team
  • Pre-Construction Planning
  • Trends in Collaboration and IPD
  • Revolutionizing Construction Projects
  • Transition and the Social Aspects of BIM and Integrated Design

If you missed this one, at least you can check my presentation here:

For future events in the area, keep tuned to Federated Press and BIM BC.