Revit 2015 and ArchiCAD 18

For some this is just a burden, for others is an exciting time that comes almost like Christmas in our childhood – full of new stuff to play with-. among the things I wold like toinvestigate in future post is the trend I see in moving from licensing to subscriptions, and how flexible this approach turns out to be for the different kinds of Architects and Firms.

I’d like to share in brief, the upcoming changes in these two beasts of the BIM arena:


For now on the Revit side we know there are a few new features and updates like:

  • Sketchy lines for the Model elements, something on the lines of SketchUp, or ArchiCAD’s Sketch renders
  • Images in schedules, a must an already present in other softwares for a while (Vectorworks, ArchiCAD)
  • Enhanced hidden lines
  • Improved IFC linking, so that you can tell the difference form two incoming versions of IFC models
  • Increased multi-threading, – I want to see that and compare it to ArchiCAD’s multithreading capabilities
  • Energy analysis and simulation capabilities, I guess mostly coming from Vasari.

On the ArchiCAD side, the 2015 release focused on Workflows, as Graphisoft put it “Join the Creative Flow”


Some of the updates and new features are:

  • BIM Cloud Integration, extending the already exceptional collaboration technology of BIM Server
  • Improved OpenBIM Collaboration trough BCF File Formats and mark ups that can be seen across different softwares.
  • Comprehensive Revision Management Tool , to track changes in design and Issues in Documentation. This one already present in Revit and Vectorworks
  • PDF In-Out improvements, this one is rather impressive, specially the ability to bring a PDF as Vector elements ( lines and text)
  • Improved Natural Constraints
  • New Rendering Engine from Cinema 4D – CineRender.

For Revit 2015 improvements, you can go directly to Autodesk Website or the reviews at AECbytes here. 

We will eventually extend our comparison articles to the newest versions.