Automatic Naming Convention exporting PDF drawings and documents

And you want the name of the file to be automated… to display something like:


First… Do not set the publisher to Create Single File (because it isn’t going to work)

So instead, follow this steps:

  1. Set the Publisher to produce one merged file per Subset:
    • In the “Publisher Set Properties”  of the PDF publisher, click on the “Create a real folder structure” or “Create flat file structure” radio button
    • Click “OK”
    • Enter the Publisher Set by double clicking on it
    • Select the Subsets producing that will eventually produce Single PDF files and  choose “Merge to one PDF file” at the Format tab at the bottom of the Navigator
    • Repeat the previous step for every subset producing Single PDF files
  2. Rename the Files by renaming the Subset Folders:
    • Select all possible Subset Folders that you think would eventually generate a Merged PDF (common Practice – All but with different naming conventions)
      • Tip: do not select the Top level Shortcut from the Entire Layout Book. Merged Files need to be set at the Subset Level
    • Right Click and choose “Rename Folders”
    • On the “Rename Folders” options choose  “Custom Name”
    • On the empty field use “AutoText Keywords”. These keywords can be found in a full list here:
    • For the sample in the picture above I’ve used:
    • When done, Click Rename
  3. Test it.
    • Choose one of the Subsets in the Publisher Set
    • Publish only the Selected elements ( the subset)
    • The exported PDF file should be named after your AutoText keywords

Same steps in pictures:

Single File PDF no autotext
Creating PDF files with Automatic Naming conventions in this field does not work
Save  files - other option
Instead Choose either Real Folder Structure or Flat File Structure
Merge to one PDF
Merge Subsets into one PDF file
Renaming - AutoText
Change the Subset Folder names and use AutoText instead
Publish one of the Subsets ant test it. It should be one multipage PDF file with the correct name